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Wikipedia mentions that the nickname probably came about with the introduction of the Les Paul model in ’52, on which the pickup covers were white.

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And they were different from anything made before or since.

In 1955, electrical engineer Seth Lover working for Gibson invented the "Patent Applied For" humbucking pickup designed to eliminate the 60 cycle hum that interfered with early guitar pickups.

Because they’re so odd-looking and unfamiliar, people have all kinds of crazy ideas about what exactly is going on under the cover. God bless ‘em for introducing more and more models these days with non-standard pickup complements – a qualified win for modders and players seeking variety. Open Coils The Jazzmaster pickup is a true single-coil pickup.

I mean, it’s not often that most players have occasion to dismantle a vintage Jazzmaster guitar for the sake of exploration, so the befuddlement is understandable. Their current offerings are rife with sounds not normally associated with offset guitars, and for all of the faults a few of them have, Fender’s really woken up to the notion that offset guitars are cool. Because Fender’s introducing so many new models with different pickups, the result is that there’s more confusion than ever about what you’re actually getting when you buy a Jazzmaster. From start to finish, these units are made of one coil of wire turned around the pole pieces, and in principle works just like those found on Fender’s more popular models, the Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Determining the date can also be important from a collector’s perspective, since the pre-1966 vintage Fender guitars are generally considered the most valuable.

This really is erroneous as pickup nomenclature goes, as the term began its existence as a way to help distinguish between two varieties of Gibson’s P-90 pickup design of the mid-1940s, the other being the “dog ear” mounting style which is commonly found on Les Paul Jr. The P-90 “Soapbar” is a P-90 pickup which has a rectangular shape with rounded edges and with both the pickup and mounting screws contained within the coil bobbin.So they went right to the source; in 1967, Fender's chief engineer Dick Evan offered Seth Lover a job with a 25% increase over his salary at Gibson.Of all of the things that cause confusion about these guitars, perhaps the most common misconceptions about Jazzmasters (and to a lesser extent, the Jaguar) surround the pickups. Go to and type ‘Jazzmaster’ into the search bar, and you’ll get an army of models that have little in common with one another save for the body shape. We’ll also dive in to some definitions and specifics so that you can make an informed choice when you go to buy your next offset guitar.Overwound, calibrated, vintage style Strat pickups with plenty of midrange chirp, crystal highs and tight bass. 0992111000 Fender Strat Pickups, Eric Johnson Pickups, Set of 3 Fender’s R&D engineers worked closely with world renowned guitarist and tone connoisseur Eric Johnson to craft the perfect pickups for his uniquely articulate sound. If you were a guitar store owner in 1971, you would have seen something incredulous in the Fender catalog for that year: a Telecaster with two factory-installed, chrome-covered humbucking pickups, with the name "Fender" inscribed on the front of them, as if to reassure the viewer that, yes, in fact, that was a Fender guitar.

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(For the record, Mel Gibson has no daughter named Mary-Catherine Regina: his two daughters, one by his The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media.

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